Jews For Jesus UK

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume Two: Theological Objections

This book provides real answers to twenty-eight theological objections many Jewish people raise regarding Christianity. The author treats these objections seriously and fairly, building answers from some surprising rabbinic teachings as well as from the Hebrew Scriptures. As Brown's answers progressively demonstrate, belief in Y'shua (Jesus) is not something alien to Jewish tradition but is profoundly rooted in ancient Jewish tradition, fulfilling its purpose.

"Michael Brown's ability to explain so that anyone can understand is amazing. I would be happy to recommend his much needed book to anyone."—Moishe Rosen, founder, Jews for Jesus

Sections include:
Jews Don't Believe in the Trinity; God Doesn't Have a Son; We Are Righteous by What We Do, Not What We Believe; Jews Don't Believe the Messiah Will Come Twice.