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Matthew & Mission

In this fascinating exposition of Matthew's gospel, Martin Goldsmith explores the Jewish roots of the first gospel with reference to its origin, date, purpose and authorship. Written to encourage the Jewish Christians in their faith and witness, the author considers the way in which Matthew presents the teachings of Jesus to his original readership. Asking what it meant to be a convert of the early church, Goldsmith shows how Matthews emphasis on witness and mission was aimed at early believers who had considerable ministry needs and opportunities to their own people and to others. Matthew & Mission applies the principle of mission in the New Testament to today's world and examines what it is to be involved in mission in a way that is honouring to our call. Focusing on the great commission to tell all people and all nations the good news of the Gospel, this long-awaited book should take the twenty-first-century church out of its complacency and revive within us a commitment to serve the Lord anew