Jews For Jesus UK

Never Forget

This new offering from the Liberated Wailing Wall is packed with 14 new songs of scripture set to music that reflects both traditional Jewish and Israeli folk styles, along with contemporary sounds and instrumentation.

The title song, "Never Forget" from Psalm 137, poignantly captures the hopeful longing for the sacred city where God's promises have always been kept and will all finally be fulfilled. There is also a powerful new rendering of the most famous Messianic prophecy in the Bible, Isaiah 53.

Songs include:

  • Abraham
  • Lord You Are Our Life
  • The Lord is My Light and Salvation
  • Passover Medley
  • The Seasons of Our Love
  • Echad
  • Sabbath Rest
  • Today I Am A Man
  • Perfect Peace
  • I Sing Unto My Bride/Our Love is Stronger than Death
  • Kaddish