Jews For Jesus UK

You Are Home

Experience twelve original songs by folk-rock trio New Light Ruins in their new album that meshes their love of the God of Israel and the peace only He can bring. Band members, Sterling Reed, Remy Remigio and Isaac Brickner write songs together to express their personal spiritual insights as Jewish believers in Jesus in a way that makes them relevant to their generation. They have taken their sound to Israelis on street corners and in coffee shops in India, Nepal and Thailand and now they bring their songs home to you.

Songs include:

  • Pile of Rocks   
  • Tower of Babel
  • Flowers           
  • Fight Fight Fight           
  • The Heretic     
  • Down to Ruins 
  • En Route         
  • Prodigal           
  • In Your Hands  Preview
  • Taking Risks    
  • Still Face Down           
  • Homecoming